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Thought of the day:  Back in the 90s everyone in the metaphysical community was aflutter over 12 strand DNA.  How to download it and ascending to higher levels.  This of course was not physical DNA and did not make sense.  If however this reality is simply strings vibrating, or simply a hologram then 12 stand DNA would be possible however it would not manifest into the illusion due to its vibration and probable agreement made in order to manifest.  It could however have a presents etherically and very possibly affect our physical DNA. 

     The injection of etheric DNA could have both negative or positive effects.  The positive effects have been expressed by various writers over the last 20 or so years.  There is however the possibility of another side that could have some relevents in regards to healing.  Aberrant DNA  could also be injected etherically by various E.T.’s Extra Dimensionals, MIBs, ETC… in an effort to suppress consciousness or cause illness.  Why they would do this, hard to say.  It is a question that is hard to answer unless they themselves are forthcoming with an answer.


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